Tuesday, April 25, 2017

March Volunteering

(This was saved in draft!! I'm so sorry!)

March has been a challenging month for me. I had surgery on my left shoulder last month, the recovery for which has been surprisingly difficult. Did you know that you can't wash dishes effectively with one hand? And typing, driving, biking, dressing etc, anything that requires two hands has been either shockingly challenging to impossible. It's really messed up my sense of time, as most everything takes twice as long if not longer to get done. Anyway, despite this, I've been still volunteering as much as I can with the New Orleans Harm Reduction Network, going to drop-ins and distributing syringes and other clean injection supplies, as well as naloxone and condoms. It's helpful to be able to be in a stationary place and have program participants come to me, rather than the other way around lately. I've had a weekly drop in, about 2-3 hours each.

More importantly- we took the NBME this month, which actually felt pretty reasonable in terms of how challenging it was. There were very few questions that I had no idea about, and the vast majority seemed totally appropriate for what we've been taught this year. It felt really exciting and relieving to get an exam at the shelf level that was not terrifying! It makes me feel a lot more confident as I'm preparing to start medical school later this year.

Volunteer Hours this month: 10

Total Volunteer hours to date: 22